Monday, December 4, 2017

Patwin Beginning ASL Week 11


Hello all! This week in the Patwin Beginning ASL class,  we are learning everyday useful signs. Today, we focused on signs you’d use in a restaurant, for example: “I want order....” The kids came up with a story about Bob, who went to a restaurant and ate a lot of food! And here are pictures of a couple of brave students who went up and signed the whole story on their own! One is in the middle of signing hamburger, while the other is signing lemonade. 
Thank you for checking in! :)
-Teacher Naira

Thursday, November 30, 2017

North Davis Elementary Intermediate Spanish

Hola Padres,

   I am Jocelyne the Spanish Intermediate teacher at North Davis Elementary. These past weeks we have covered a lot : from opposites, feelings, numbers, fruits, vegetables and so much more! We have been keeping a notebook where the students practice how to write  different sentences with each new or old topic. However, they sometimes do prefer to write on the white boards. 
The following pictures are just a glimpse of what we have been doing and hope to do more. 

These past weeks have been great, and I look forward to continue to help them expand their knowledge!
¡Muchas gracias !

Maestra Joceylne

Birch Lane Beginning Spanish

Hola Padres!

My name is Sandra Moreno, maestra of the Spanish beginning class at Birch Lane Elementary School. Teaching my class has been great from the beginning. So far we have worked on multiple writing activities, art activities, as well as played interactive games that have facilitated the learning process.

During this past week we the students learned how to say different phrases such as "I like", "I don't like", " I have", "I don't have", "I want", and "I don't want". To learn these phrases we connected phrases to words we learned the previous week as well as to words we relate to our lives. The activities mostly consisted of writing on white boards and
white paper. Here are some examples:

Birch Lane Intermediate Spanish

Hola padres,

This past week the students have been learning some descriptive words and emotions. The students enjoyed learning about emotions because they were able to draw pictures and create their own emojis. Having the students make their own emojis helped them understand and distinguish between emotions. They also were able to express their emotions by drawing how they felt that morning. Below are some examples of what students did in class this past week (Nov 27 - Nov 30). We all enjoyed drawing and learning as a group.


In addition, class has been going very well!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Patwin Elementary Intermediate Spanish

Hola padres,
Our students have learned so much this past month. One of the key ways they have learned is by writing in their notebooks as a way to practice writing in Spanish and getting familiar with writing sentences. It has been really exciting for me to see how much they have learned and continue to practice speaking Spanish in class. We have learned different subjects such as the seasons, vegetables(verduras), fruits, and they're favorite platter. Another exciting thing we have started is reading books together! The first book we read was "Buenas Noches Luna" which translate to "Goodnight Moon". Many of the students were familiar with the book and were really happy to read the Spanish version. They are great students, and I am really excited to see their progress by the end of the year! Thank you for reading.                                  

Sincerely, Maestra Jessica(:

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Beginning Spanish Korematsu

Hola! estimados padres:

I hope you had a wonderful week of vacations and happy holidays!

During this month we had cover topics such as commands, food and vocabulary words related to Thanksgiving!

The following commands were covered:
This is a picture of them learning the commads

  • Sientate-Sit down.
  • Levanta la mano-raise your hand
  • escucha-listen
  • silencio por favor- Silence please
  • Haz un circulo-make a circle

For food we learn vocabulary words such as:

  • Rice-Arroz
  • juice- Jugo
  • milk-leche
  • sandwich-emparedado
Between others,  for Thanksgiving- Dia de accion de gracias we learned words such as:
  • Turkey-Pavo
  • corn-maiz
  • mash potatoes-Pure de papas
  • dinner-Cena  
  • gratitude-Gratitud
  • festivity-Festividad
  • pilgrim-peregrino
  •  thankful- agradecido 
We also made crafts related to Thanksgiving such as a Thank you Notebook, coloring a turkey and making drawings of a Thanksgiving dinner; in the following are picture of your children's work:


I am also happy to tell you that your children are doing an amazing progress in class! Their effort and dedication in class is wonderful!

They created very creativity work and I'm very proud on the progress they made learning new vocabulary words!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Intermediate Spanish Birch Lane

Hola padres,

My name is Irene Sanchez I am the intermediate Spanish teacher at Birch Lane.
Just wanted to say that class has been great since the beginning, and we all have been enjoying class. The students have been working very hard and currently working on learning opposites. These past few weeks have been more fun with the students since they have had a few projects to work on. One of the projects consisted of making clocks (as you can see below), the students made clocks while learning time in Spanish.

I will be planning more projects for the students in the coming future. They are such a joy, and I am happy we all are having fun in class.

Sorry for not writing a blog sooner, but I will keep you updated more often.