Thursday, January 18, 2018

Patwin Beg ASL Week 14

Week 14 for Beginning American Sign Language was a Review week. We had a lot of signs to cover, going all the way back to the ones we learned at the beginning of the semester! Monday we had a holiday, but starting Tuesday we began to review all the food signs we learned, then Wednesday we went over classroom signs and colors and shapes, and today we went over animals! Below are some pictures for you to check out! The kids know ALL those animal signs (and probably a couple more!). And to help review, we played one of their new favorite games, Hot Potato, where they pass the “Hot Potato” around in a circle. Whoever has the “potato” has to sign an animal. But everyone has to be quick! If you’re holding the potato when the timer goes off, you’re out!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Intermediate Spanish - Birch Lane

Hola padres,

I hope you all enjoyed the break. This last week, during class, the students and I went over some previous topics. We had a small review session. Overall the students did not have a any problem adjusting back to the class schedule. I am also glad all students were able attend this past week.

Although I was not able to take any pictures, I can assure you that the students had fun with with the activities that were planned. The students were able to draw and play bingo. I enjoyed being back the students and being able to interact with them.

I will post pictures soon.

Irene Sanchez

Monday, January 15, 2018

North Davis Elementary Beginning Spanish

¡Hola todos!

Welcome back from winter break and feliz año nuevo!  

This week we reviewed food (comida) by playing Four square.  
The kids had the opportunity to review Frutas, Verduras, Carne, and Bebidas!
We also reviewed opposites with a fun game of duck duck goose!
Next week the kids will learn about animales! In preparation, we learned a few animal names this week.  

Maestra Alondra will be taking over next week, and we’re very excited to have her!
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with your brilliant students!

Thank you and warm regards!

Maestra Claudia :)

St. James ASL Class

Hello and Happy New Year!
The first week back after a long break can be challenging, but we made it through and we kept up the fun. This week the kids enjoyed playing monkey in the middle and duck, duck, goose. They also like to draw on their whiteboards. Each day, the kids are given their folders, ticket bags, and a white board. If we have extra time, we like to doodle. Please enjoy the pictures below.
We also signed along to a book each day. The kids have seen all the vocabulary from the book before, but we added more advanced signs and some classifiers. For example, the kids know the sign for Laugh, but now they know a few variations of the sign, depending on the situation or type of laugh. It was a fun week seeing the kids really get into it and all the facial expressions they used. The use of facial expressions is very important in ASL and Deaf Culture and most of my students are naturals at making faces. :)
We also learned some new food vocabulary this week, so perhaps while you are eating a meal or snack with your child, they can show you how to sign the food you are eating.

Thanks for stopping by!
_\,,/ Teacher Desmona

Friday, December 15, 2017

Hola padres,

These past two weeks class was great. The students learned how to ask questions, and they learned about body parts and clothing. This week the students created a small wardrobe that helped them learn the different types of clothing. Although they were not able to finish they still enjoyed making them. I noticed the students enjoying coloring and drawing, which took them longer than what I expected, but still had fun. Therefore, they were able to take their wardrobe project home to finish.

Overall the class has been going well and I am looking forward on providing you all with more drawings and colorings from the kids.

Warm regards,
Irene Sanchez

Here are some pictures!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Patwin Elementary Intermediate Spanish

Hola padres,

These past two weeks students have been learning about the articles to be able to form sentences. Students really enjoyed learning about the articles because it made it easier for them to refer to/describe things in Spanish and complete their own sentences. We participated in different activities for them to practice the articles such as: el, la, los, las, un, unas, and unos. These activities allowed students to practice saying and using the articles. I gave them the opportunity to come up with their own sentences and this is what they came up with.  We also played an activity where I wrote the different articles on one side of a sticky note and on the other side they had to write a sentence using that specific article. Students really enjoyed this activity because there was some competition for prizes and they were able to demonstrate what they had learned! 

Thank you for taking the time to read and happy holidays,

Maestra Jessica(:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Patwin Beginning ASL Week 11


Hello all! This week in the Patwin Beginning ASL class,  we are learning everyday useful signs. Today, we focused on signs you’d use in a restaurant, for example: “I want order....” The kids came up with a story about Bob, who went to a restaurant and ate a lot of food! And here are pictures of a couple of brave students who went up and signed the whole story on their own! One is in the middle of signing hamburger, while the other is signing lemonade. 
Thank you for checking in! :)
-Teacher Naira